Bulgogi Eggplant Recipe (2024)



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The local grocery store was out of eggplant, so I used zucchini instead and it was still delicious!


Made this for dinner tonight. Delicious! Maybe next time I would reduce the sugar a bit, but that's just my taste.

Lindsey Reiser

It’s even better if you cross hatch it with a knife before salting. More water gets released. From Thomas keller


This was easy and delicious. I especially like how simple the sauce was to throw together. I did add a little bit of red chili flakes to give it a tiny bit of zing. I boiled some bok choy and put some of the sauce on that too. Light and flavorful!!


If doing stovetop: pour the sauce into the pan once you get some nice color on the eggplant and let it cook down and thicken. Flavor comes out much better.

Eric W

The sauce is quite inspired and I can see using it on all sorts of grilled veggies. I served it alongside grilled chicken thighs marinated in a gochujong sauce. You’ll need to experiment with your grill, eggplant maturity and slice thickness to figure out how long to cook them to your taste.


This was fantastic! The sauce seemed too simple at first and I was tempted to add to it, but I restrained myself and made it as written, and was so happy I did. As I continue to learn over and over, simple is best in a lot of cooking. Ate with white rice cooked in coconut milk and “Cold Tofu salad with tomatoes and peaches” (also from NYT cooking) for a wonderful summer dinner.

Marianne Ireland

I did this on the George Foreman, turned out great


I charred the eggplant in an oiled cast iron pan (don’t have a grill) and it worked great! I didn’t have maple syrup so I used about 0.5tbsp of molasses instead and I added ginger powder. Was great!


Delicious. I doubled the proportions. Used regular eggplants. It is a winner!


Just had a big eggplant but it still worked. Easy and tasty. Will make again.


Just harvesting my Japanese eggplant - now I know what to do with it!


So good and easy, will definitely make again! I made this with eggplant as well as firm tofu. Skipped the sugar in the sauce and used fresh crushed garlic because I didn't have garlic powder. Pressed and marinated the tofu in the sauce before cooking, followed the recipe and added eggplant to sauce after cooking. Cooked on a griddle on the stove because we don't have a grill.

J Young

Step 4 says: Add the grilled eggplant to the bowl with the sauce and gently toss, making sure each slice is thinly coated.I think the sauce is meant to be a no-cook glaze. Just follow the recipe man.


Wonderful side dish. Really tasted like bulgogi (based on my limited exposure to Korean food at Seoulville Restaurant in Somerville NJ). Used a half dozen fairy-tale eggplants, salted and then rinsed and dried prior to oiling). For sauce I used Birch syrup (souvenir from Vancouver and similar to maple) and omitted the sugar as so many of you suggested. Delicious. Will do this as long as eggplant is in season.

Dana Dee

This was excellent and fairly easy. I added cilantro to the scallions and substituted Mike's Hot Honey for the sugar.


I cooked this over stovetop as I don’t have a grill and sliced the eggplants really thin. As someone earlier had suggested ,I cooked the eggplants until slightly charred ,then poured the sauce over this ,allowing it to thicken . Serve with scallions over brown rice - delish !!


Also add some garam masala


Also great with air-fryer nekkid eggplant. I tossed with some veg oil and in they went. When they were done, I did the same to some butternut squash "sticks" and then drizzled the bulgogi sauce over them.There are brussels sprouts in the frying pan, but... nah, I'm sticking with the bacon, balsamic and a little maple syrup for those. Super easy and tasty sauce, NYTimes! Thanks!


I made as per the recipe and it did turn out a little sweet. Next time I think I'll try subbing the maple syrup with a mix of rice syrup and maesil syrup which hopefully will help cut the sweetness while maintaining the glaze-like consistency. Love the eggplant texture, I made it with some beef bulgogi and they were equally tantalizing.


I picked up some Asian eggplant at the HMart the other day and thought, "what should I do with this"? I love beef bulgogi but don't eat much meat, so this was great.


I roasted the eggplant without oil for about 20 minutes at 400F. We did not miss the oil at all.Did not want to fry the scallions, so just garnished with chopped scallions. This was excellent.

Laura Di Battista, Toronto

It's January in Canada, so I did not want to fire up the BBQ. I cooked the eggplant in two cast iron pans and it came out great! I loved the simplicity of this recipe. It was just delicious. I served it with air fried chicken thighs and it was a hit. Will be making this over and over again.


Cheated. Used a prepared bulgogi sauce (it was open and in the refrigerator. Cut small eggplants in half, salted them, dried them well, grilled, and spooned the sauce over them. Very nice.

The Olson Fam

Agreed with other commentary. No sugar necessary at all.

bob ellis

Well, it has been a year since anyone else posted a comment. I added some asparagus to this recipe. And because I cooked the eggplant in a pot, I deglazed the pot with a little red wine, and then tossed the 'sauce' into the red wine, swirled it around a little, and then tossed the asparagus and eggplant with the result. And then I added one ghost pepper. Deletable!


Excellent and easy. Added shish*to peppers to the mix.


The process of this produced the best, fastest eggplant results I have ever had. I grew up with fried eggplant... dipped in crumbs and fried crispy. If I could, I might add tomato gravy, cheese and pasta, but most often, it was alone. And always so difficult it seemed to get it cooked to "tender." This was EASY, BABY!!! And I could move it from the grill to soak up some red sauce and eat with pasta... or toss it in the bulgogi! This cooking technique is WONDERFUL and VERSATILE!


Great with bulgogi tofu for a delicious & easy vegan meal!!!


I was skeptical about this recipe, and didn’t want to use up all of the eggplant from my garden, so I cut the recipe in half. Big mistake! This was amazing and will be my go to eggplant recipe from now on. I cut the sugar in half and it was still plenty sweet (it probably doesn’t need it at all).

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Bulgogi Eggplant Recipe (2024)


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